DIY C6 Host Assembly

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Product Code: SL-C6LHA
Driver Pill Option*

DIY C6 Host Assembly Summary

A do-it-yourself (DIY) aluminum C6 host assembly that includes the retaining ring, heat sink holder, battery holder and tailcap switch, your choice of driver pill and brass ring. Does not include a heat sink, diode, diode driver, diode module, lens or other components. Accepts 2 X RCR123A, CR123A or 1 X 18650 batteries depending on diode and driver used. The C6 host assembly is black anodized with no logos or other markings.
Notice: Due to the sensitive nature of electronic components, the 'DIY' parts and assemblies are sold 'as is' and without warranty. Do not purchase the 'DIY' products if you are unskilled in soldering and ESD techniques.

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
great host - ryan - 9/9/2014
Great host fit an finish were great threads were all smooth. Went together in less than 5 minutes. Would buy again

5 product stars
Fast shipping,studry,fantastic build quality, with one little flaw. - Jonathan - 7/27/2014
The Housing arrived 1 day early of the arrival estimate,well packaged, but the one tiny flaw is in the anodizing, on mine anyway the battery cap had a 3 scratches down the grooves of the grip on it, it's definitely no big deal and doesn't bother me but I thought it was worth noting. Best laser housing hands down for first builds and hope to do business with survival laser again!

4 product stars
Nice Host - The Lightning Stalker - 6/12/2014
This is a really nice host. Make sure to get the drilled pill if you have a driver that is soldered directly to the diode. You may also need to remove the back of the module as there is only about 10x19mm of space behind the diode. So keep this in mind when selecting a driver. The AixiZ driver that comes in a 2 pack does not fit.

5 product stars
Premium - Nick - 5/9/2014
I had a green laser module and no where to put it. This was the cheapest option. My only problem with it was that some threading was covered in black enamel, which I had to sand down ever so slightly and extremely carefully to make an electrical connection, only because I couldn't use the driver pill for this build. Also the heat sink is a little too long and makes the heat sink retaining ring miss contact with the host by about 1mm. Otherwise it's small, tough and really a sexy design. Very easy to put together. Arrived in 2 days after my order. This is the last dpss green laser I'll ever buy.

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