Survival Laser S4™ Host Assembly

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Product Code: SL-SLS4LHA
S4 Host Heat Sink Material Option*
Driver Pill Option*

Survival Laser S4™ Host Assembly Summary

Our exclusive Survival Laser S4 host assembly is black anodized aluminum with a laser-etched Survival Laser logo and features a tapered strike bezel-style crown/retaining ring, heat sink o-ring, a knurled and grooved heat sink holder, battery holder with cooling fins and groove detail, and an enlarged knurled, grooved and scalloped tail cap with a recessed green GITD 'clicky' switch and wrist strap. The design of the tail cap and wrist strap retention method permits the S4 host to tail stand. Also includes your choice of heat sink with set screw and a 0.050' Allen wrench.

All heat sinks are machined to fit a standard 12mm diameter diode module. Does not come with LED diode, driver circuit, focusing ring or other laser components. Primarily intended for use with our preassembled driver & pill modules or flashlight parts bundles, or can be incorporated into your own custom build. Designed for use with two rechargeable RCR123A or disposable CR123A batteries, or one 18650 battery depending on diode and driver used. Two 18650 batteries may be used with our battery extension tube accessory.

The Survival Laser S4 host is compatible with the battery extension tube, pressure pad switch, the Survival Laser holster and other parts and accessories.

Note: Blue anodized aluminum heat sink option shown in photos.

Overall Length: 4.96' (w/standard heat sinks)
Maximum Diameter: 1.02'
Weights: 69 grams (with aluminum heat sink)
96 grams (with standard copper heat sink)
104 grams (with extended copper heat sink)
116 grams (with extended and tapered copper heat sink)

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Great addition to collection - Rich G - 5/27/2015
Hi everyone in laser land this host is perfect for many diodes to be installed. Has many options to upgrade it also . I installed a 16x 405nm diode which tips out at 986 mw and handles the heat like a champ. Light weight with a carry belt case and you don't even know your wearing it its that light. But don't get me wrong this host is sturdy as with all Servival Lasers awesome line of hosts and extra goodies to compliment it. Check them out all are high quality items made right here in the USA. Gary your a brain child.thanks for giving us some wonderful products. Rich G :-))

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