1.25A Diode Driver

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Product Code: SL-SD-1

1.25A Diode Driver Summary

This driver is a 'buck' type switching power supply fixed current regulated diode driver circuit, delivering 1.25A +/- 50mA of regulated current at a recommended input voltage of 4.2 to 8.4 volts. The switching regulator IC chip has an efficiency as high as 91%, which means that no driver heat sinking is required. Driver circuit board is 16.8mm in diameter and fits P/N SL-PBR1 Pill & Brass Ring, which in turn fits the C6, Survival Laser S4 and Survival Laser stainless steel host assemblies. Lead wires are approximately 1' long.

Note: These drivers are 100% tested and have a layer of silicone adhesive applied to a critical area to prevent shorting against the brass ring typically used during installation in the driver pill.

CAUTION: We strongly recommend that you test any driver assembly with a "dummy load" to verify proper current output before attaching to a diode.

Click here to download an "Analysis of Electrical Performance" report for the SL-SD-1 driver.

Click here for a tutorial on how to install the SL-SD-1 driver into a pill.

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5 product stars
Great driver! - Charles - 2/3/2014
This is a great driver. Small and very easy to install. My son and I had a great time welding logos with it!

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