Black Anodized Aluminum Heat Sink

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Product Code: SL-AHS5

Black Anodized Aluminum Heat Sink Summary

This is a black anodized aluminum heat sink that is dimensionally equivalent to those included with the Survival Laser I parts bundles. The SL-AHS5 is sized to fit 12mm diameter standard diode modules and includes a 3-48 set screw (installed) and a 0.050' Allen wrench. Also fits other Aurora C6 18650 hosts.

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Clean Finish - Good Customer Service - Tyndale - 6/22/2018
I ordered this heatsink and it fits perfectly in the C6 host assembly. They shipped to the wrong address at first but as soon as they noticed this error, it was at my doorstep in 3 days.

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