BlitzBuck V5 Adjustable Diode Driver

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BlitzBuck V5 Adjustable Diode Driver Summary

MADE IN USA. This is the famous BlitzBuck™ adjustable driver made popular on LPF! This latest V5 revision has been updated from the V3 version with a lower part count, more heatsinking space, higher efficiency, less ripple, minimal to no input spike and now includes silicone insulated lead wires.

Diameter: 16.84mm +/- .05mm
Input Voltage: 1.2*Vin - 16V
Output Voltage: <1V - 9V
Output Current: 1.5A - 3A (varies slightly per board)
Ripple Current: <100mA
Input Spike Current: <100mA
Efficiency: 85-90%
Circuit Continuity: Isolated D- and D+

- Thermal shutdown. Will protect your driver (and diode) in the event of driver overheating. Once it reaches the temperature threshold, it will shut down until the main IC drops to a sufficiently low temperature to restart again. However, if left on, it will decrease in temperature, turn on again, and then turn off again due to temperature increase. This will lead to a pulsed effect on the output. This indicates it needs some rest time.

- Soft-start. There is a 1ms soft-start built into the driver to prevent large inrush current spike.

- Open-circuit protection. No current will be drawn and no current will be outputted when the test load or diode is disconnected from the output. It will not damage the driver whatsoever leaving it like this for any amount of time.

- Adjustable. 3mm potentiometer for allowing smooth control over the current output.

Note: Pill and brass ring not included, must be purchased separately.

Click here for a specification sheet and user's guide.

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Great choice of driver !!! - Rich Gazzo - 6/28/2015
Hi this driver is a well made product, fits and function is great. Built a 501-B with a PLTB450B diode set at 1.8mA / Ophir output is 2.560mW. Very pleased with this driver will purchase again. It's nice to have a decent option in drivers.

5 product stars
BlitzBuck V4 Diode Driver is Excellent ! - Billy Draeger - 12/7/2013
I totally abused this driver getting in and out of a driver pill, but it still performed great. Used it to drive a 3w 445 laser diode with current set at 2.3 Amps. Awesome!

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