DIY 1.8A Driver & Pill Module

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Product Code: SL-DPM2

DIY 1.8A Driver & Pill Module Summary

The SL-DPM2 includes a 1.8A +/- 5% current regulated diode driver that has been soldered to a brass ring and pressed into a C6-style host "pill". Lead wires are 1-5/8" long 26 AWG silicone insulated for flexibility and durability. Each assembly is tested before shipment. Module is packaged in an anti-static bubble bag. This driver module is designed to be powered by two 3.7 volt rechargeable RCR123A or 18650 batteries.

Notice: Due to the sensitive nature of electronic components, the 'DIY' parts and assemblies are sold 'as is' and without warranty. Do not purchase the 'DIY' products if you are unskilled in soldering and ESD techniques.

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
works great - bowlofpudding - 4/14/2015
came with driver, and battery contact pre-assembled. just screwed it into my host assembly, soldered the wires onto the diode module, and powered it up

5 product stars
Great Driver - Glenn C. - 12/11/2013
This SL-DPM2 Driver is awesome. Itt arrived set at 1.84 amps . When installed in mt host with a M140 445nm diode it really performed. Hitting 2.2 watts. I will buy againg for the next build...

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