Eagle Pair® 190-400nm & 580-760nm Laser Safety Goggles

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Eagle Pair® 190-400nm & 580-760nm Laser Safety Goggles Summary

Eagle Pair® brand protective laser safety goggles for combined 190-400nm & 580-760nm wavelengths. These goggles have 30% visible light transmission, protect to a level of OD 4+ (reduce the intensity of 190-400nm and 580-760nm laser light by a factor of 10,000 or more), and are CE certified. They are suitable for use with 190-400nm ultraviolet and 580-760nm red lasers, including those using the recently introduced 635nm high power red diodes. These Eagle Pair goggles may be worn when looking at the spot created by a 10-watt or lower power laser of the protected wavelength on a non-reflective surface. However, you should NEVER look directly into any laser beam or its direct reflection even when wearing laser safety goggles. Eagle Pair laser safety goggles come with a cleaning cloth and protective case (case appearance may be different than that shown). Note: These goggles are for personal use only, not for any commercial use that is regulated by OSHA.

CAUTION: These goggles are intended primarily to provide protection from red lasers in the 635-660nm range. Recently however, some customers have noted in their testing that these goggles may not be as effective toward the yellow end of the spectrum (589nm). We will soon be stocking a new model of goggles that will provide better protection for yellow lasers.

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Highly Effective - The Lightning Stalker - 6/12/2014
These work very well at 650-670nm. 5mW lasers will become almost invisible. Don't buy the cheap eBay glasses, they don't work!

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