Eagle Pair® 190-540nm OD5 Standard Laser Safety Goggles

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Eagle Pair® 190-540nm OD5 Standard Laser Safety Goggles Summary

Eagle Pair® brand protective laser safety goggles for 190-540nm wavelength. These goggles have exceptional visible light transmission (rated at 50%) and yet protect to a level of OD 5+ (reduce the intensity of 190-540nm laser light by a factor of 100,000 or more), and are CE certified. They are suitable for use with 405nm violet, 445nm blue, and 532nm DPSS green lasers that DO NOT produce significant amounts of unfiltered 1064nm infrared light. These Eagle Pair goggles may be used when looking at the spot created by a 100 watt or lower power laser on a non-reflective surface. However, you should NEVER look directly into a laser beam or its direct reflection even when wearing laser safety goggles. Eagle Pair laser safety goggles come with a cleaning cloth and protective case (case appearance may be different than that shown). Note: These goggles are for personal use only, not for any commercial use that is regulated by OSHA. Eagle Pair goggles (without case & cleaning cloth) are now included standard with the Survival Laser parts bundles w/accessories. Click here to download a graph of optical density (OD) vs. wavelength in nanometers for these goggles in PDF format.

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
These work great - Jonny Brave - 12/22/2014
I decided to point my one watt 532nm laser straight into these and all it did was melt the plastic a little, the light itself wasn't any brighter than a few milliwatts, they work great at attenuating the light, as long as you don't leave your laser on them too long and melt through.

5 product stars
Excellent Glasses - Christian Chung - 12/4/2014
These work exacty as intended. The glasses are very comfortable and protect peripheral vision well. I have a 100mw green laser and these glasses reduce the normally extremely bright green dot to a tiny yellow dot. Don't bother with cheap 10 glasses; invest in your protection and get these. It is a perfect compromise between quality and price.

4 product stars
Good buy - Brandon Hecht - 10/22/2013
After recently purchasing a 1500 mW, 450nm blue laser, I decided getting safety goggles was a good idea. I ordered these about four days ago, hoping to get them at the same time as my laser. To my surprise I got it today. The case was snug and clean, and a nice cleaning cloth came with it. The glasses were scratch free and fit perfectly even though I have a smaller head. The only reason I haven't given it 5/5 is because well... I don't have the laser to see if they work as advertised! On Laserpounterforums.com you can find a 10% discount for this website which saved me a few dollars. So very fast shipping, combined with a good, clean, most likely very effective product. This is a great bargain and I highly recommend these for any member of the laser community.

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