S4X™ Host Assembly

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S4X™ Host Assembly Summary

The new Survival Laser S4X™ host is the big brother to our original S4™ host. This massive host accepts 2 X 18650 batteries and uses the same heat sinks and driver pill modules as our other hosts. The S4X weighs over 6 times as much as the S4 and has far greater heatsinking capability, which allows longer run times without overheating the diode. In addition, the use of two 18650 batteries more than doubles the potential total run time of any of our smaller hosts.

The S4X features a tapered strike bezel-style crown/retaining ring, a knurled and grooved heat sink holder, battery holder with cooling fins and groove detail, and a knurled, grooved and scalloped tail cap with a recessed 'clicky' switch and wrist strap. The design of the tail cap and wrist strap retention method permits the S4X host to tail stand.

Includes your choice of aluminum or copper heat sink with set screw and a 0.050' Allen wrench (or no heat sink), choice of drilled aluminum, drilled brass or heat sink driver pill to fit a 16.8mm diameter driver board, and choice of black anodized laser etched with the Survival Laser logo, or with no marking in black anodized finish.

If you select the "driver heat sink" pill option, you should also select the "extended and tapered copper" heat sink option to allow enough room for the other components.

All heat sinks are designed to fit a standard 12mm diameter diode module.

The S4X can be used as a high performance flashlight with our flashlight parts bundles, a single 18650 battery and a dummy 18650 battery.

Note: Does not come with LED diode, driver circuit, focusing ring or other components. Extended and tapered copper heat sink option shown in photos.

Overall Length: 7.87" (200mm)
Maximum Diameter: 1.50" (38mm)
Weight: 358 grams (without heat sink)

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Exceptional Quality and Heat Sinking Ability - Jon - 6/18/2017
The first thing I noticed upon receiving this host is its massive size. With all this metal that makes up this thing it has quite the heat sinking ability. Not to mention the fact it even has some grooves etched into it to help dissipate heat further. I stuck a NDG7475 diode module in it and so far after running it a few minutes at a time doesn't appear to be an issue. Previously I underestimated the heat output of my diode and it caused the stainless steel host SL offers to heat up too quick to my liking. I told Gary my issue via email and he was very understanding and I was able to send my previous host back for credit towards this one (they normally don't accept returns). IF you ever run into any issues you can be assured the customer service here is superb and knowledgeable enough to address most anything. Highly recommend this host for any person with a high power diode that wants a nice duty cycle and quality product. I hope to buy more from SL in the future!

5 product stars
If You Want A Flashlight, But A Flashlight. If You Want A Powerful Laser, Buy This! - Andrew124C41 - 2/21/2017
I became interested in lasers for a particular project I am working on. When I first started I found the most diffiuclt issue was finding a host for the laser diodes. Many laser enthusiasts modify flashlights. However, guess what? They look like flashlights! This host, as well as the other hosts that are sold here were primarily designed as laser hosts. Yes, you can make a flahslight with some of them but the point is that you do not have to do any modifications on the host to build a laser. This host is indeed massive...big...it can be used for any diode presently avialable. Many enthusiast use it for the NUBM44 6 W 450 diode, the grandady so to speak of diodes. The battery compartment accepts the right size battery to run this diode. You can also run the lower powered diodes if you want by using a boost driver and a single battery with a dummy battery to fill up the compartment...your choice. To keep things really simple, the driver/pills are here to power yourr diode. Pick the correct current for your diode and all you have to do is put it together. Tutorials are available on the Laserpointer Forums site. Of most importance is laser safety. Protect your eyes. Purchase the proper eye protection which may be found here. If you purchase your eye protection here you will know what you are getting...no guessing.

5 product stars
S4X Host - David Temples - 1/16/2016
I just received the S4X host and I love it! The host is built like a vault and beautifully executed. I have done a lot of shopping with Survival Laser and everytime I order something I am always reminded of the care and quality in your products which keeps me coming back! You guys are Awesome!

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