Survival Laser Stainless Steel Host Assembly, Extended and Tapered Heat Sink

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Product Code: SL-SLSS2LHA

Survival Laser Stainless Steel Host Assembly, Extended and Tapered Heat Sink Summary

The Survival Laser brushed finish stainless steel host assembly is laser-etched with the Survival Laser logo and includes the body (retaining ring, heat sink holder, battery holder and tail cap with 'clicky' switch and wrist strap), a new extended and tapered copper heat sink with set screw and a 0.050' Allen wrench. The heat sink is machined to fit a standard 12mm diameter diode module. Does not include LED diode, driver circuit or other related components. Primarily intended for use with most of our driver & pill modules or flashlight parts bundles, or can be incorporated into your own custom build. We recommend that the driver wires be approximately 1.25' long for the diode module to fit properly. Will not work with the SL-DPM1 driver & pill module because the driver wires are too short. Designed for use with two rechargeable RCR123A or disposable CR123A batteries, or a single 18650 battery depending on diode and driver used.

Overall Length: 4.94'
Maximum Diameter: 0.96'
Weight: 191 grams

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Best Small Host Out There - Andrew124C41 - 2/21/2017
When I received this and pulled it out of the box I was shocked at how heavy it is. Combined with the tapered copper heatsink which I highly recommend that anyone get with any diode you use, the host has a nice, hefty feel to it. The threading on the individual parts is slippage...this is because the tolerances are tight. There are O rings between the part as well which should help keep moisture out. (However, it is not claiimed to be waterproof. So, don't go swiming with it!) I like this so much that I am getting three more for all of the lower powered diodes I use. The host should be able to take any of these diodes. For the higher powered diodes such as the NUBM44, get the S4X. You can purchase your driver/pill/combination right here in which case, all you have to do is add your diode module. There are several build threads on the Laserpointer Forums site to help you if you have never built a laswer before. Of most importance to those who have never built a laser before, please learn about safety, particuarly with respect to vision. You must have the appropriate eye protection when you use a laser. They are available here and I recommend you purchase the appropriate one with your order. Finally, if you have any question, Gary will be glad to help you. You will get excellent customer service from here.

5 product stars
Extremely well made. Not even bought yet. - LaserbeamK - 10/24/2015
I can tell all theses bros like this host, so I will give it a try and see how it goes, seems nice.

5 product stars
Awesome hosts - Rich G - 5/27/2015
Hi folks, I have purchased 2 of these stainless steel hosts, one with exstention tube and one without. Let me tell you these are hefty by weight made very well. Don't forget the custom focus knob in stainless and the tapered extended copper heat sink. It's the ultimate host for all types of wavelengths. Oh and tripod and glasses for some night shots you won't be disappointed. Rich G :-))

5 product stars
Great Host - Glenn - 11/6/2013
I got this foe a built and am very happy. A Copper Heatsink is needed for best heat transfer.

5 product stars
The Best Host - Pi R Squared - 11/3/2013
I really like this host! It's the best one yet. See the laser I assembled with it here on LPF: I wrote a tutorial with lots of pictures to show how you can easily assemble your own laser with off the shelf parts using this host.

5 product stars
American workmanship - Jeff Justus - 3/19/2013
This thing is outstanding. Easy and straightforward assembly. Quality AMERICAN made product. NOT A TOY. It WILL put YOUR EYE OUT.Be carefull. PLEASE USE PROPER SAFETY GLASSES. Gary and his team ROCKS. You cannot beat the customer service.Thanks again Gary.

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