Survival Laser V Host Bundle - Components Only- No Diode

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Product Code: SL-VNDB
SL V Driver & Pill Module Option*
SL V Host Assembly Material Option*

Survival Laser V Host Bundle - Components Only- No Diode Summary

Note: LED diode and diode module not included and must be purchased separately.

This no-diode version of the Survival Laser V parts bundle includes:

• Your choice of standard C6 or Survival Laser S4™ black anodized aluminum host assembly with violet anodized aluminum heat sink, or Survival Laser Stainless Steel Host Assembly with extended and tapered copper copper heat sink
• 445mA driver & pill module
• 3-element 445nm AR coated glass lens
• Violet anodized extended length focusing ring
• External lens spring
• Silicone rubber lens cap
• Allen wrench for tightening the heat sink set screw
• Heat shrink tubing for covering the wire joints

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5 product stars
C-6 bundle - Steve B - 2/22/2013
This is a real quality bundle. I have several other lasers and this is the one I am proud of. I have tried to find a flaw but the kit is a 10 out of a 10. The service you get from Survival is second to none. I am ready to build another.

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