Unanodized Aluminum Heat Sink

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Product Code: SL-AHS1

Unanodized Aluminum Heat Sink Summary

This is the unanodized aluminum heat sink that is included with the P/N SL-LHA1 DIY 445nm Host Assembly. The SL-AHS1 is sized to fit a 12mm diameter standard diode module and includes a 3-48 set screw (installed) and a 0.050' Allen wrench. Also fits other Aurora C6 18650 hosts.

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Excellent Finish - The Lightning Stalker - 6/12/2014
The front almost looks polished. This is great for lower power diodes and gives a nice long runtime. For The higher power diodes, I would recommend the extended model. For 9mm diodes, you will want something much larger such as a Yag-Light.

4 product stars
Good part to have! - parkerdude - 2/24/2013
Part# SL-AHS1 Un-anodized Aluminum Heat Sink I bought this to facilitate a 532nm green module build, IT WORKS! 12mm module w/spring, 16350 battery, heat sink (SL-AHS1), Aurora C-6 host. Laser ! This is worth having in you "parts bag".

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